Cheaply Done

Powder, lines and pearls
left in pools of luminescent sadness
a mutable well of metaphysic madness
Compassionately passionate,
“she’s going bat shit”
and you always took the last hit
As we crept beneath the altars
burning wild flowers madly
circling skies above
matched eyes open to the streets
your heart was in the right hands
but your mind was void and cheap
clearly we see as she cycles through
reflections, mysteries
We are gifted with such a relative ease
it’s growing on me,
love has compromised my ill retreat
sustaining a frailty transgressed by transitory wings
sun-burned and heavily concealed
with travesties tethering us to new embryonic fields
Dimethyl-feels and the writer gets real
with timing best left unwritten
though better yet purposefully revealed
I think we get the point but go ahead and steal
the last four lines,
the same you had last time
Goddamn it’s fine
Everybody knows you’re lying
Cheaply done
In deductions reduced
to withheld rhythms unsung
still thinking you’re the only one
and I’m guessing now’s the time
to reiterate the message
or further redefine how
hopeful I am,
you find healing this time


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