Naive: “the connectors” 

newly mechanized futures turning backward in time
in an offset interface of poorly programmed minds
the fragile psyche;
free will fallen to the wake of repressed sight
manifested by rhythm corrupt through such calculated crimes
in the rubble of a crumbling Tower
we give her praise on every hour

Mother Earth to Father Sky;
we breathe her winds witnessing her cries
a gentle break of eternal ties
she used to overread, oversee and undertake
a masterful piece of the gods greatest mistake
resemblance of a renewed passion without ease
a sunken ship to win release of where is Waldo on this lease?
through Caravans and Collectives we’re still keeping the peace
she always tries but the gods have sealed her fate,
forgotten in molecules in your memory bank
We’re hypnotized by a total lack of faith
as it bends it further breaks

derailing the naive from solemn connectors they seek
prayers answered later as they wish their eyes could unsee
second hand role-reversal, in fleeting déjà vu moments
we sustain, a memory lapse in a metaphorical game
Holographically insane;
as facts of life seem further strange
in later years we’d forgotten to tame
totalitarian in nature
dare we entertain the progressions
left now floundering, faltering
as they slip through heavy hands
trembling bionically to insatiable demands

as all we hope for in a dream within our dreams
is a revolution of the senses redefining the Source
naivety in clause, were the ones fighting the wars
let us not run out the course or falsely accuse the laymen we lure
into snares and sinking traps, as were infected by the mysterious gaps
hidden from knowing eyes, the map of stars concealing our ley lines
our amnesiac souls hope to remind of finer realms, unfathomable times
gypsy how you surface unspeakable rhythms to the light
shaken loose before she had time to idealize our purpose realigned

Sensory overload in the cyclical days had since hindered our growth
as we’d forgotten the way;
Redesigned to roam astray as we tear desperately through the days
reconciled by heartbeats birthed in transcendental sun rays
“Something so conditional”, you never had to try
Because you always fade away



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