2144: dismantled

I’d rather begin by simply being honest with myself as I’ve seen myself spiral into a million different frequencies and still, after dismantling or further dissecting each one until there remains nothing left but a luminous ache for such depth of knowledge and innate inner wisdom to be utilized in the higher, more conscious realms of our pathways toward ascension.

It may seem commonplace, to wake up each morning and go to sleep each night with racing thoughts that run tired a highly sensitive psyche. And so before I run into myself again and meet eyes with the true essence of purity, will I no longer submit to a mentality accumulated by the mind sets of all those around me in subtle efforts to reconnect our soul family, on a plane of vibration kept so eerily close to the heart, yet forever hidden from the rest of the world. As I have since recognized that in doing so, I’ve given pieces of myself to others, lost or dropped them or simply forgot to love those aspects with my whole being.


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