City Life

night shifts, neglected now considered null and void
tracked down by frequencies with few traces left by choice
City life introspectively voiced;

a noise birthed by methodical potions running mechanical toys
aside from our unspoken gifts we have terrible poise
an ocean untouched by inseparable lies we always tried yet
were denied once by cause and twice by ingeniously entrapping laws
I used to write poems now I write parables in clause
behind clenched jaws, a shaking hand;
heart filled with fervor it’s the new wave we reprimand
back to earth by unpopular demand with a grace restricted
in another new city with the same old plans
“she still thinks no one understands”
it’s all a sham, a novice stripper strap-on novelty cam
and you’re the man; who gives a damn?
money well spent amidst our inner worldly plans
in an atmospheric trance;
a new disorder arises from our orderly stance
marking last minute layovers in our leftover lands
wandering souls lent to encrypt the trying Desert sands
designated to dwell intimately with the sick, we barely fit
on the boulevard we let ourselves slip, we’re losing grip
and still we mask such higher planes with a dependence we grant
too belittled by our monuments to use a now powerful voice
Realign to reveal though we can no longer demand
as we further expand the heightened fears
in each moment melting between our trembling hands;
looking to the Most High we suffer to unsettling demands
dealt unwillingly in the most seductive dance


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