It’s 3:33 AM…

and the dawn awaits me. I wait for it too, effortlessly. It frees my mind in between the subtle moments my heart retracts and reality further unwinds like a top spinning madly off of its point. An inner sense of chaotic inebriation overtakes me and I’m left, again, reeling in the depths of my own manic depression, or madness, what have you. Here we are again as it ceases to intrinsically unfold. And why are we to care for such things anyway, when we are so small, yet so entirely macroscopic, once natural now manufactured in a fatal race toward the hippies free love campaign and reaching outer space. I’ve learned to keep digging life because the best parts are the out takes, but how can you perceive them if more is yet to play out? Things rarely happen as planned but I think it’s better this way. It’s not perfect all the time but nobody thinks about it until it’s the next day and there’s a ticket on the doorbell. For the few I got last week, I’d say, leave ’em under the doormat. But I still think we should all love and be happy…

‘Factory Reset’; a dualistic reality show re-run repeat bares a false witness as we discover more looming possibilities kept behind the curtains than our fragile minds had even imagined for this lifetime. It’s a miracle we’re even breathing, really. I thought to myself, at least you know that’s true. It’s just crazy enough to work and I’m mad enough to do it, however brave in my stupidity. The fractured alignments paralleling the Divine reality tends to daze and mesmerize me; a trancelike sentiment so paradoxically strange to me. Within the formless confines in a place where we can sense and not truly perceive, feel but not fully see, outwardly examine yet inwardly fail to reach. Baby wake up, we’re going breach. Too bad we learned from the streets.



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