immortal conspiracies conspire against the thieves
stealing affection like a gypsy on the run
glimpses from the highest peaks
no black to stone me,
“baby you don’t own me”
But damn girl it’s lonely
and I’ve been feeling less free
chained to my own beliefs
trained to repeat
“She knows”, she sees
a dream within a dream
somehow merged with a radiate peace
truce for the Mage’s select treaties
we appease the pasts unspoken feats
a tremendous release
within reason, you’re scared
Pretending; emotions bare
carelessly savage corrupt by beauty
however broken, you’ve since repaired
repeating phrases within concepts created from dispair
Disassociated in the streets
still keeping the peace,
it’s the bees knees
we couldn’t flight or fight it, fuck it
go out and remember beginners luck again
Recite the deductions to all your former friends
we did the same shit every day of the week end
I think it’s time we repent, back to the gods;
it’s evident we’re star born and heaven sent
deviations to the path we so eagerly went
with holes in our pockets from all the money we spent
Fast track relief; one-time repeat
and Commence;
said you would “always be there”
now you’re on the fence
repeat; Cleanse
now reflect;
insightfully suspiciously
Inconspicuously feared
It’s getting weird
the Lunatics rave
riddling ritualistic gateways
we inadvertently mirrored
always the same,
this same time
last year



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