Breaking the silence: 535

Eternal spells

take backseat to wishful thinking

twice corrupted, once free in living

bleak and bland from excessive bruising;

these potions, elixirs and moonbeams bare sincerity

A long forgotten purity;

Mental release, embryonic peace

absconding with our aches and chills

a softened painting against vivid thrills

a canvas with ‘Three Cups’ to spill

one for you and two for them and

pour one out for the weird mistress

lending the way to the crystal-turquoise swells, invitingly we dwelt

in her haunting winds new rhythms melt

the Queen of Swords, her presence felt

a maddening deal for foolproof hands today;

a consummation of grace

all the Jokers are dealt circling pools without a saturated trace

instantaneous drip fluids within a poly-plasmic waste

baring the bad news to those unaccompanied

our flightless band births a far brighter compass

We will soon accompany;

Golden-white upon gray glares avoidant of avoiding stares

cheaply love, why on God’s earth don’t you care?

Your life is hanging on truth and reckless fears, tiresome dares

Tell me, words from the Highest, are we not yet there?

Pretty cheap,

You’re scared.


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