A Letter to the Trees

Sometimes it’s easier to speak in rhythms, in poems, in vibrations;
with your lips, your eyes and touch
to love with your embrace, your energy
to feel instead of see and to see depth
where there lie shallow waters.

It sometimes takes a little less than a second glance, a recollected memory,
or the light one sees pouring forth from the eye in sparing moments of a smile.
Beautiful by design; the all-knowing. And is it not imperfect to appreciate her stunning flaws?

Little signals, small signs that capture my gaze and take me away from the frequencies cascading my perception. Further out of the current and into something intangible yet, entirely real, if only momentarily. A split second– Release. A reality born to the imagination of my senses manifested as nothing shy of intoxicating pleasure. Even sometimes I think word play and the seconds in between an inhale and exhalation where there is this stunning era of tremendous silence where everything seems to dance together, as if I was first row seating in a theater. Your language; it may even be depicted as an abstract painting where every design is consequentially equated to match a simple rhythmic formula or frequency of the heart, beating however fast, yet excruciatingly slow. I seem to live amidst the sea of this in-between noise where there is only music, a melody drifts through open corridors to another free base canvas where each brush stroke is a song I’d forgotten the chorus too. It seems much more free to exist within and along the lines of this fluid, cosmically aligned course, bleeding stars across a sky we dreamed of last night. And here it all is today, untouched and yet, violated, ravaged. Ravenous beings or a natural force? Such things only intrigue as they remind me of the buoyancy of a hanging syllable over slurred speech or the awe-struck feeling of seeing the first shooting star ignite the atmosphere. Everything has depth, life, reason and meaning beyond the symbolism and severed notations we place upon them as characteristics, labels. Deviations.

Heavily, we are misinformed through the processes of receiving information as it becomes an irony we carelessly accept. Irrational in approach as it may be to study a subject or an object without truly seeing the life at work within it. Just as we are everything as one at heart center, we see all as one heart. One source unified naturally, omnipresent and magically derived with a power to create anything within the realms of imagination and possibility, rare occurrences or supernatural events. The complete idea of this awakens the soul to its compassionate and open nature, seeing the balance in everything just as strongly as you would see the fundamental differences and separation.


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