Vacation from this side of town;

I’m on the cusp; a false-hearted consistency
healing through life’s tangible mysteries
of former places far less foreign to me
inconceivable through open speech
left to take all of my minds serenity
dissipation of energy;
into a place unknown to the enemy
formerly informed by informant atrocities
once buried grace beneath a crystalline City
left now in the chains of our own device
we owe it all to the demons we fight
this constant hope oversees our sights
interchanges the night;
keep yourself alone, Loser
your vibes used to be bright;
pulling us forth out of remnants of light
but it’s all right, for we’ve retrieved our lost Vision
and regained compassion toward the ways we were living

Lucky that you are so forgiving
before I saw my senses regain
a synopsis of reality entirely vein
or completely unfulfilling;
so unwilling to unveil
the rest of your tangible fears
it’s all too sincere;
we’re getting out of here
but I forgot how to stear–
Red Eyes and I’m clear
“That was weird”

probably nothing but definitely something
let’s take a vacation from this side of town
everyone here’s been giving us the run-around
and the games you’ve been playing just aren’t any fun
Anymore; disillusioned, with a dispassionate core
save it for a rainy day or a walk to the store
“you’re still not sure?”, always asking for more
forever faded, what does it take to stop faking?
the grass isn’t always greener
“but I said I’ve got to be sure”
I’m tired of this lowly repetitious tour
toward which I’ve leaned so heavily before
alone I bore; battle scars in brave new worlds
once crying with shame, twice begging for more

damn it’s good to not be on that side anymore
I’m free as a bird, no longer opt-out on the floor
loving you so hard its gotten me sore
but goddamn it feels good;
to not be on that side anymore
got so sick of just stooping around
too familiar with the same old sounds
and knowing all the characters,
the messages each less profound
dancing to rhythms unspoken, bound
glad we got out of there
before we were found
swimming streams of disillusion
upon a scarlet flame


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