Too Weird

too wild to entirely forgive
chemistry altered by cheaply ways that we live
so expectant of change at the coming days end
yet we lack better reasoning in stale moments we pretend
to give a damn, but it’s a scam, my Dear
for boredom turns so quickly to fear
Irrational yet so passionately near to
transforming transient thoughts, transference self-taught
Indian given twice– though never once bought
tending to a strung-out love in sold out parking lots

that’s all we’ve got, a racing ache to our repeated mistakes
a chosen release of a life unacceptable by the state
forgetting the mission thought it’s never too late
now all is at stake as we’ve fallen out of grace
left far too fake; and so we lie awake
to dream and dance in unsung rhythms
of angelic realms and worlds rewritten

given away between spaces unseen
among the lines you’ll never care to read
changing up the monotonous scenes
to leave you this time waiting on me
never to worry, the strangers heavily breathe
in poor-lit alleys surrounding crowded streets
they flail and scream; refusal to redeem
soundless opposition flowing in a backward stream

we are freaks, you and I, we never lived
just lived this lie, this faulty try I anxiously bore
to brave new worlds written upon moonlit scrolls
man, it’s a stiff to seek such mild thrills
A flightless shift;
God grant my spirit one last lift
to see through your unspoken gifts
and use them for the callings left unfulfilled

overcome by separation pounding
Lord let our aching hearts be still
we’re aging with the hills–
forgetting our once strong will
tell me weird one, where is your discretion?
flying solo with a total lack of direction
passed in flying colors each prophetic inspection
unaccompanied by actions reduced to second thought
though first in nature, the fast track is sought

eventually found by sympathies calling eagerly;
manifested in sound we are taken to the winds
however feverishly;
all has come to us quite easily
though we’re hardly stealing
too weird for feeling


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