Playing Russian Roulette

I find myself frequently playing a most seductive form of Russian Roulette with my mental purity. Though cosmically aligned, it never appears as one defined outlook without the other closely nearby. Nevertheless, deciphering the formidable and formless atmospheric divisions of an accelerated consciousness into the former, inconceivable self we live throughout this vessel day to day comes as no surprise that we are entirely subjected to its systematic projection. Sensing beyond the known perception of seeing or hearing, the innate spiritual resurrection that lies in the total manifested release of worldly attachment, surrender of control and outward compassion that exists in us all living and working together as one union of the Divine Source continues to dominate the threshold so granted. Vaguely bringing into reality a flightless and otherwise fatalistic sense of cyclical notions dissecting each realm of the body, heart, mind, and soul into something almost tangible. I feel it’s eager embrace dissipating the once strong molds of a methodical genetic approach, perhaps figurative in nature, as it arrives to delay and actively delays to realign new rhythms of our psychic fluidity.

Regardless of its perceptual dysfunction, it is however transitory and yet somehow, perfectly complete– this Union. To remain deeply focused and integrated within this interdependent nature is to remain at complete peace and to see the infinite that is grounded within all things arriving at just the perfect time for evolutionary growth as well as personal development and a heightened understanding. And so I remain deeply aligned within my heart center, realigning my chakras as energy permeates in a valiant effort to match the exchange of mental, emotional, spiritual and karmic energies continuously birthed to be forever depleted. To keep the focus on our Earth family as a unified, sentient and celestial Source of all that is, rather than on the singular needs of the self will continue to redeem the afflicted from its affinity for an escapist mentality. The Soul in its most purely raw and awakened form begs for us to see beyond the veil of illusion hindering this blessed union and to uncover every aspect rather than to flee from its most tangible responsibilities.

However, knowing all too well the importance of nourishing the Spirit to ensure abundance, prosperity and an omnipresent sense of rediscovered mystery continues to intrigue and reveal greater depth upon our pathways to enlightenment. I have always been deeply aware of this underlying need to aid others here in remembering who they are, their pathways to transcendence of the dualistic realms of dark and light, wrong and right, evil and good– reaching new capacities of pure revolutionary consciousness, raw love and greater understanding of all natural and unnatural processes. The goal in the back of my mind always being to wake those who are sleeping up from the captivating forms of mental slavery and intrinsic impurity holding their imaginations hostage, overtly enslaved to a mechanically designed holographic impertinence impairing the senses of the individual, and thus the collective consciousness as a whole.

This to me definitively describes a certain fear, and yet unmistakable affinity for the Unknown, in that which we have yet to live through or experience first hand. We never truly relinquish this fear until we realize the repetition of this emotion in itself and realize this mental construct only ceases to bind and furthermore separate the individual spirit from all that exists as it is at one with the Universe, otherwise known in significance as eternal freedom. And here in this hierarchy of infinite free will and freedom of flow, we find that we are no more or less different from the Creator or the Creation as a whole. We are undeniably equal in all aptitudes, unified within each cosmic breath that leads us closer to unraveling innate perfection for which we are galactically aligned to so possess and furthermore merge entirely as one with. This being our mission here upon the Earth, though each blueprint continues to overlap and remain completely unique to the former. There is no comparison to our actualized perfection, and yet, we regress ourselves in our ceaseless approach to a conformist comfort of the physical realm in order to find our niche somewhere along the way, however deviating from our once former and original plan to unify all bodies above, below and within all of the creation as a whole. Going on forever, it has no end, or beginning for that matter. It simply is.

Consequently, our mental purity is sheathed by a fundamental, escapist mentality imposing our fallen grace.


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