when the world is hidden from your eyes
and I’m shown everything in the eve of your smile
the day is breaking and you’re still here
left in my heart so consequently near
when unknown worlds fall apart
love so easily counters each passing fear

as the Divine infiltrates our souls
I took back everything you stole
and sensically erased the trauma once misplaced
an effortless breakdown in visual distate
distracted from a mesmerizing haze
your eyes lock mine in a sensual maze;
Daybreak in your arms kills a multitude of pains

forever fugitive to once hostile ways
exchanged, intertwined and rephrased in lesser realms
we’ve created beauty within the chase
a chastising race we definitively proclaim
fighting new ventures to creatively explain
for what reason have we become afraid?
to listen to the language your spirit conveys

in fearless times our minds have strayed but
we are closer than ever before to reaching new planes
Angel, life will never again exist the same
as daybreak captivates and consoles
our fragile spirits, revolutionary souls
welcome to the Spirit World


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