The Blueprint

“The Blueprint”

The final breath that swept away the endless tears I left behind went drifting down passed sun-kissed cheeks and beyond, forever gone into the tyrannic dust and ashes of the unforgiving Dawn. These increments of total loss and deprivation of a life in which I was so worthy, were solemnly expressed as I gasped for my last communion of air. I knew this day would come, and to the breath, I knew it would never return to greet me as it had so readily in each moment.

No longer was it mine. No more could I accept it, as it could no more accept me.
Peace was affirmed in the recognition of my final hour. The day so long had been still, in such alignment with my breathlessness, it came to pay its respects.

My purpose had been served, regardless the outcome I had never feared. I was only living out the truth I had always known, and to my people I loved so dearly, to the gods in which I knelt in ceremony and worshiped, to the truth itself I could never withhold. I felt myself torn apart and cast to the devils, to which they sneered and played with my limbs, no longer radiating the light they once held. The jackals had their way with me and left my torso mangled within the jaws of the beast, blood covered and battered by the assault of these swine. And for what cause, this treachery?

Anger sparked and rose within me, such rage begun to possess my battered bones and yet it had no room left in me to remain. My forgiveness was too strong and I had seen this long ago, many years had passed and still the moment of this presence was heavier than I could have ever envisioned or imagined. All too real for the surreal seer. Though I knew it was to come.

For many nights and days I had awaited the call to the alter among the corridors where I stood awaiting the fate that the Stones had written upon my destiny. And yet, it failed to make the rhythmic pain any less distressing. The Sun shone down upon me and filled me one last brilliant time. Truthfully I never wanted to leave that precious moment, but the time had passed, and I was already gone. And to me it whispered back gratitude, a shroud of safety in coming back home. My spirit wanted least to allow these monsters to sever the blueprint of my crystalline form and all of the spiraling information I had receded from the gods and goddesses, the ages of truth and light I had so sought after. For years I had communed with this High and Divine, and for so long I knew no other protector. No other could be needed, and to no other I would have ever allowed my gaze to become fixed upon. My open heart, now bleeding out with empathy for all of the fools below that wanted to dismantle my living soul, was left now entirely shattered on red-stained steps. The tablets once gripped tightly by my left hand had fallen to meet the sea of red upon the steps, and from above I watched them shatter. The cracking of tiles, so faintly recognized from my newly found post. Distant cries from the howling Desert winds filled the stale air and for brief moments in between the blackness I was wrenched by became Home. I sunk.

At such high altitudes within, I found myself crashing harder than ever, or perhaps it was a sinking, falling, meshing with the only love I had ever truly known. The earth felt as if it were crumbling beneath my shaking feet as the breath that never came upon my lips was no match for the over whelming pain left circling through the pits of my heart. I did not grasp nor reach, I sunk.
My eyes shot out in all directions, creating light geometries and patterns unknown to those who watched me with disturbed and short-lived feelings. Such sadness plagued their jaded eyes, to those who knew me, many of which whom I watched slaughtered before me maliciously. Before my own undertaking. Taken into account for all of my debts, my faithful followers, the scribes, the magi, the priests, warrior spirits, guides and commoners who chose the path of belief instead of fear– of wisdom as opposed to doubt and of the light in the Presence of such incredulous Dark. To each of them I was forever grateful, and knew to the Sun their Souls were to be returned, but I was chosen to go first.

This brutal, organic phenomenon displayed here in the time of the ancients was so meticulously heavy, so willfully uncertain yet so entirely processed by the ones who savagely fought to destroy me. Only a messenger I was, with only the Highest of Loves in my heart. All along they knew they would have me here and have their way, in all the selfish ways they plead to pull me from the grips of life and seize each speck of Light that danced within. They blessed me with their innate disgust as I ascended this plane and was so interlocked, again, with the heavenly grid of the Stars. So they had forgotten eternity.

With no envy, I looked out deplorably at a world I had so desperately risked my own to salvage, taking back our dignity in the greatest actuality. The last sight my eyes were to reminisce with was the sky I had so fallen from at birth, torn open in portals where angels stood to watch over me in rows, smilingly down mercifully. A sea of dark and smokey green enclosed the lower planes in which my body lay, now lifeless. I never had a choice in giving up this plight, and had I anyway, I would have regretfully declined even to this prophesied day. I never really had a choice. It was the choice less path in which the very indecision was my loyal guide. I followed suit, and so met my final mission to completion. For this the Light in me was never taken, knowing the eternal was to reap my rewards, and that this Life of mine was only in sacrifice. In honor of the most high, my most Beloved Divine.


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