Giving Yourself Away

minutes pass within minimal hours
and I’ve been stuck inside my head
for what seems like days when
the flowers I picked for you
have well withered up and died
and all the times you left me here
I could only bring myself to try
again in each breath to say
the love we shared has
as well withered away;
fighting back the only way
to let you go so carelessly
but baby it’s no use to pretend;
so over the pretenses, pretentiousness
though in your repetitious motives
I am only growing, growing, growing
going through a self inflicted war
for you are the same always
as before, nothing new
however no more can
I somehow resolve an
inner sense of unmet ends
released upon a faithful heart
a trusted friend, deceased and
dragged to a staggering dividend
a finish line that never ends
I loved you so selflessly,
that I had to let you win
But Sweetheart, please quit faking
I know the maps your soul is making
taking on The Lovers mold, within confines
so undersold in rhythmic lines your heart unfolds
and Darling you just give yourself away
to your next biggest mistake
and you give yourself away
to your newest heartache
and you give yourself away
without realizing what’s at stake
you give yourself away
to the world as it pulls
you further astray
I’m turning away


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