generational gaps

minds set in foreign traps

prosecuted in a purgatory now disputed

caught in a game of giant mouse traps

severing soul ties to ward off the Relapse

with powers misused by an audacious grasp

we met our mark as a unified species

forever colliding to collapse;

mapping our Galactic past and once vital ways

to synthetic oppression singling out the once Saved

Definitive to deny our ways remain the same

as shamelessness sells sightless abuse

of travesty in such tiresome loops

birthing countless, prolific groups

we roam so effortlessly through

this time of sentient grace anew

clairvoyance in apathy we insightfully choose

to be unseen rather than seen through

as lost souls seek greater lengths to find truth

weary for good reason, they never misuse

the talent so given by the gods they infuse

and further instill

upon the cusp of insatiable will

dismantled to dispell;

Cobblestones crossed on the pathways from Hell

we initiate to repel, seek out love to cast new spells

We rebel; the fiery souls whom shift vessels and shells

coercing former realms to birth Higher Selves

on the verge of breaking through

barriers aligned to strengthen and soothe

the deepest Seas inside of you

as a newfound world prepares its muse

finalizing beauty in futures we choose

definitive in culture to our once defiled youth


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