Baby I love you
more than I want to
but I can’t trust you anymore
‘shouldn’t have been such a whore’

as your absence when I need you most
it’s prevalent, how it eats away, and corrodes
i’m too sensitive, it’s growing old but i’m
on my feet now, however incomplete
and Darling you’re just too damn cold

still you’re Morphine to my aching soul
a perfect fix as life unfolds
emptiness radiates in
what once was bold

what happened here?
you never used to fit the mold
now it all appears Insane;
my morphine doesn’t feel the same

the past you sink back into
ceases to lessen the abuse
worthless words and overturned
worlds you pull me through
betray used to hurt but
I feel nothing without you

and you haven’t a clue
lest you designed it this way
with repeated tactics you use
Sweetheart, it’s time to remove
the endless transitions infused
include me in the struggle or
choose to further delude

It’s up to you, but
I’ve been here from the start
and your dualistic living is
tearing my world apart
agitations captured–
for California you depart

barefoot, wandering
a Gypsy lost in a spell
tearing through realms
to pull you out of this Hell

you’ve sold out the lover
I used to know so well
ran her eager spirit rampant, loose
excuses under turned and overused
it’s no use, it seems, to keep you close

but it somehow means it all to
remind you of ‘who you are’
what I always seem to do
to further and fully uproot
the demons shadowing the
unveiled truth, now unenthused

when you asked me I refused
now I’m learning what to do
so all the same becomes
forever nothing new
only asking for truth
still I’m Morphine
within all of you


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