Fallen Angels Time

Desert Goddess, you are not far from us
white horses carry you into the Stars
cloaked with such heavy indecision
born withholding severity in mission
liberation of the souls trapped in Perdition
we see the stringency in your earthly collisions
karmic rebirth instills systematic vision; new intention
lives in a struggle for freedom upon ages unwritten
light-eyed martyrdom unearthed by tainted laws
barren claws left raw; wings now mangled, sprawled
mauled, malleable, masquerading; Reptilian eyes
spreading their truth through a teeth-full of lies
sightless tears pour out upon the altars
red left pooling beyond crumbling walls
clarity into never-ending withdrawal
Angelic revolution called
yet all who came to the battle
have stalled, once lost
to all the devils whom
latch to us, to crawl
in and maw our
broken hearts

drawing blood within her veins
anxiously uncovering the remains
underground haunting mass graves
unveiling the chamber of enslaved
cosmically aligned to heal and save
unknown grace of the coming new wave
we are brought here to redeem the prison
bring death to life to ensure they are risen
from hallowed bones, leveled out homes
beneath blackened eyes, heavy
however disguised
cries filling sunken corridors
tortured frames chained, defiled
bitter gases engulf their chairs
open flame to matchstick air
the Guardians above smelling pure fear
penetrating perception, designated to deprive a nation
from the fallen angels time where we are left clinging to
a landfill of lost breeds, broken hearts feigning death
now shunned, neglect, needs left unmet
forever unreceived, never free
the Deceived
left to watch relentlessly
Angels fallen, screams
backed to corners
blood flow seeps
pooling lots of
city streets


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