Tyranny: Zion Freed

Rebellious tides of rippling insanity

it begs of me to set them free and

lend new purpose to careless ease

whistling winds upon a fiery breeze

we fall short in our known suffering

captured and cut blindly at the knee

we redeem and flow down stream

to open space uncertainly relieved

repaired by visions now impaired

Lover we all know you’re scared

lay down your weapons and prepare

for the end times are coming near

with few caught and fewer spared

we’re now aware to reveal and share

the atrocity of life taken without care

bloodlust tried, tolled and snared

perhaps we should have dared to

take a second look upon the scrolls

refinished by sentiments untold

resold for the Prophets bloodline

now received in just a seconds time

signs endured by ruptured lifelines

immaculate, recaptured crimes

recaptured for more or under sold

all for glory and tainted gold

rippling grace we have

gotten too old to lose

or weap for gains so

loathsome, cheap

to not be free;



within confined

realities unseen

Same Team rings

vigorously in between

the faithless lot, roaming

running wild, lost in every

moment we possess a deepend

love with heightened side effects

what’s to come next but low prospects

within lowly regrets our hearts protect

tossed aside and scolded in ill respect;

we are now lying next to death

civility in cynic unrest lest we

chance the once repressed

activated now;


love in wartime

we subject innocent lives

to implorable, susceptible crime

a depletion of loveless acts realigned

by centuries past in such crucial times

revelation of sense dispensed to now

release and repent by graceless extent

fearless abduction of far greater intent

rapid instruction foreign breeds sent

to ripen loss of pure resurrection

taken beyond internal function

tainted yet treated wisely

despising needs for lack

of Peace in treaties

broken for Zion



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