The Young Magician

She looks at me with eager eyes, a truthful heart corrupt by lies
telling me fearfully they know something of her Kind
sensing her gifted nature, such unique talents in treacherous times
I remind her to stay faithful and allow these forces not to hinder her growth
or fool her mind into the incessant duplicitous mote in which they hope for her to fall
to fail or to stall in her mission she prevails, a true expansion in mysticism of Vision
nights torturous to the Young Magician, sleeplessness in ill-willed submission
word play hypnotizing her fragile indecision where Darkness steals her Light
depletes her energy and leaves her pacing through the spiritist’s singular fight
Angel you are not alone tonight, we hear your cries and carry you with all our might
across the evangelistic, once repressed now realistic open Sea
We’re here, we See and finally the grappling hooks diminish and free you
Baby you are here to fly, shed no more tears your Soul has once already died
but now we’ve brought you back to life, have carried aloft your sickness and strife
and taken into our very bones the stifling severance destroying our earth home
continue to speak out, to save the free souls and to roam for we are within you
an ever-present, all infectious, eternal Savior never to fall short or waiver
Goddess deprived, do yourself a favor to nurture the evil buried within
find companionship in it’s desolate, unmistakable, unattainable ends
for it befriends, further releases and sends you out to dance with Us
among infinite planes of planetary stardust, commended for knowing truth
scattered with lies, and moving forward beyond your humanly demise
eternal is your Soul, beyond every inch of galactic, systematic thresholds
we unfold the worlds you’ve known, plans for which one can’t overthrow
intelligent by design with psychic vision so profound the Sorcerers and
starlit Seers lurk and urge for you to define, taken to new measures
incriminating slime they’ve repressed your beauty to dissect your mind
patterns affected and afflicted by forensic countenance re-framed
it’s all the same, however Sane, retribution realized by insidious breaks
in conscious acts, relentlessly revealing unfavorable masks; We Relapsed
in truer times, the truth we remind yet fail to define or intrinsically refine

Third Eye awakened by hypnosis of Vision; through similar reprimand of
a heightened Perception, a perfect reception for the lament re-connection
once refused now further infused with our greatest degree of recollection
Memory; insanity it begs for us to finally see the realms we soar upon endlessly
a trance-like sense of formerly lost formalities in our consequential peace
reduced by fractured mirrors once plastic and mastered to be enslaved
Love, you were born to free their minds to see our brothers and sisters saved
from the crimes they commit, carelessly inflicted upon humanity enslaved
the sorceress redeems her oppressors however fractured or fake
no predestined factory reset though favorable in ill-respects
she suspects the initiators destroy energy that heals
reforms life and reveals depth of grace misunderstood
hidden from sight for the common good; Timeless
traveling, unraveling the paranormal happenings
foreign to the Dreamers, unseen realms
the Seekers holograms reveal
without objection or appeal
the Young Magician
aids to heal


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