We’re All Going Up

Goddess love, I wait for you in transitory ages past

unattainable in nature however open and unmasked

I loved you through the pains surrounding your Relapse

for you were first to abide and I remain the very last

holding atmospheric open space

into every figment our imaginations pace

I caught your hand every time you urged me to chase;

heal and erase your worries and irrational fears

Sweetheart those were only Mirrors;

for it has always been our fate

to bring forth love received entirely too late

within realms and lasting lifetimes

our searching hearts unveiled few lifelines

filled Holy with a Presence so Divine leading us

into timelessness our eager Souls lovingly remind

a solar flare eclipse of the Mind;

once courageously open to all aptitudes

of former insubordinate conquest

adorned in a noticeable mess;

Galactic unrest

through every waking moment

our civility depicts, redeems and inflicts

now found surrounded by

the unseen, unheard, unfathomable truth

leading me through corridors

into the greater depths of You

we freely delude selfless rapture recaptured

by a pious periodic Muse

aching to remaster or better yet

overcome consequential disaster

all the same and all as One

we retain new measures matchless in memory

to the righteous representation of

the everlasting, interstellar Sun

in scattered remnants of

irreversible sums, corroded lungs

leftover and longing for a pathway from the slums

kept in tact by our connection bleeding

rhythmic repetition to ever flowing greed

reminiscent to relativity our Ancestors

exhaust all means to repeat, repair and ignite

burning through a ripened Age adored by many

for your wisdom insightfully enslaves the enemy

birthed through fields of hostile rage, once encaged

all latter suggestion baring golden light to once better days

we synthetically replay and forever praise

the Most High whom healed the desolate directionless craze

demonstrated Devotions;

defiling our demons in the eternal exchange

divinity suppressed as the Light Magicians bless and heal

all within the pathways carefully concealed

as within and so without the Kadesh asserts

a wild wanderlust the free spirits live out

taking on as their own a rapture violently overthrown

in their minds the forthcoming Revelation;

the entities calm celebration

but darling hold on to your serenity

for in your soul births certainty

a clarity confounded by the pains we have consumed;

Recklessly used

into all walks and ways of life

encrypting the Messiah’s messages

revealing realistic insights

And Baby you are the light and the way

never fear to falter, nor shy away or stray

for I am with you in all ways;

in all forms and formless incantations

holistically designed to rebuke the former irrelevant relations

reviving finer Truths through the beauty of your passionate submission

sensual distribution in a heightened otherworldly intention

carrying away every one of your fears

Angel, I am always near


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