repetitious rays bleed red upon the killing sprees; artificial in calamity

unseen by lapse and lack of sleep tethered by a clear release

as evasive Towers encompass our deepening metaphysic needs

a noteworthy peace redeemed by few at precious ease

in material pollutants breached by fatalistic ancestral breeds

swiftly confined by a tiresome and torturous retreat; our vessels repeat

we’re in up to our knees in sightless oppression; a Divinitory recession

retrieving clairaudience through fairly delicate subjection

hindering the Psyche with detrimental aggression

still few will take heed to such valuable lessons

of an ailing repression in unfavorable objection;

Blasphemy in rejection

desecrating madly our supernatural reactions

detaining those now spiritually free with eyes wide open; ready to see

pulled from each corner of a ragged rebirth

to the edges aligned by the Seas definitively unearthed

capturing lifetimes of a false security rekindling frayed memories

we take each lesson upon the lonesome roads we mistook

for truer freedom we relentlessly overlooked, restored and since hooked

I loved you endlessly but in loving me you barely spoke;

I feverishly choked through monotonous pain

reviving a useless hoax, a reconciled joke

searching for answers valiantly confined

Mesmerized; soul susceptible to your lies

for fear of loss at such a bitter blatantly erasable, insatiable cost

Darling, the love I gave to you selflessly has been over turned and lost

beneath the calming, whispering winds when you offered me so novicely

a hopeless hope we miraculously achieved in surrender of all we’ve ever seen

in remainder of insincere comradary cutting ties equating broken sympathy

in hypnotic pain I called to you to no avail, as your love sways and sails away

it moves on to another game gravely mastered with devotions less tame

you’re still the same you’ll never change as disappoint regretfully reigns

far beyond my aching grasp in ruptured time we always clashed

I nearly collapsed at the Holy redemption of pure heartache

overcoming all consuming visions of our fateful relapse

You and I were infinite to the touch; free falling remnants

sustaining staggering courage we awaken to reconstruct

painfully awakening restored faith to the Mass though it never did last

as we wondered through the Corridors in hopes the Light realigned our course

though drowned and further chased beneath the tumbling waves

a deplorable distaste I beg the Heavens to collectively erase

you’ve now replaced, prophetically rephrased through lament lifelines

unearthed and encased by fearful faculties of a once fallen grace

a matchless race winning back the relativity offering us a cheaply escape

we watched so carelessly take hold in a variable of meticulous ways

I wanted to hold on but the story is getting old; Overtold and undersold

with all the deepest parts desperately fitting within a sinking, failing mold

where your heart dances far above a place untouched by all of us

for you my dear are so Divine, so limitlessly, yet insight fully entwined

as your Beauty it reminds us of a freer state, a love-filled wakeful place

we forever retained beyond our wildest mistakes, the Kingdom we made

dismantling restraints severing lapses of dishonest, disillusioned hate

seconds passing as I’ve caught the last train and your now taken miles away

forgotten, fragile, abandoned by such fleeting ever faltering disguise

why must we pretend to know the broken souls buried heavily below

when we reach the lost, defiled and profoundly uninspired end

jumping hoops to retract frequent oppression of eradic obsession

frequencies attacking our simplistic minds without a trail revealing untraceable crimes

intentionally refined by Black Magick realigned however foolishly designed

we saw the Truth in glowing bouts of light captivating our senses under pale moonlight

still I wish each day for your bright and burning smile to be my every waking Sunrise

but every wish I made you’d stay crumbles to high hopes unmet through dismay

in magnetic mistrust my breaking heart fails to protect with such lesser luck

upon the tides in tumultuous strokes where all my chances again revoked

fading out a motionless fate entailing lies sworn by lustful constraints

when we reached the higher planes above and I relearned

every realm you have ever come to fly upon and further love

how deeply twin flames openly stay

the deeper I love, the further you stray

Angel, I ask for you in such troubled times

where solar light sub-sequentially reminds

the few words I share incomparable to

the multitude of star crossed rhythms and spells I’ve created for you

fascinatingly twisted intrinsically conflicted by connections now shared

meeting defeceit ends in a half hearted snare, deplorably feared

toward all our shattered cares securing sensible approval

releasing yet recreating a deteriorational removal of

desolate lands left to the destiny lying within tormented hands

Baby there are bigger plans we have for you

in this timeless tenacity deeply infused

artificially we choose; break the ties and carefully lose

another lifetime for the Lovers we’ve kept hidden from the truth


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