The Sorceress

crossing off tallies of relentless notions

the Sorceress above creating molecular potions

resting easy aloft the magiis Tower

overlooking the beauty of oceanic flowers

with the lights all fading dim within

solitary confinement becomes the Mystics only friend

consciously confined by a bittersweet end

the boats are docking upon rocky shores

leaving her rushing, running breathless to ensure

the Pilgrimage deliverance reaches the Killing Floor

where amnesty meets animosity;

in a greed gathered game for more

but she is torn between this world and the ones beyond

for which her heart sings a softened solemn song 

in all her sincere hopes to freely return

beneath the Chambers lights illuminate

carrying Divinity to the core of her fate

The Tower; as it incinerates, reallocates and

systematically demonstrates a crumbling decay

fire explodes in tyrannical flames as the

Sorceress aloft removes the hex on her constraints

now reframed she passes through the golden gates

a meager however monumental amends to

restoration of the endurance we face

ashes fallen into a smoke screen Sea

as burning embers all surround crowded streets

trapped beneath the collapsed debris

one second too late the Mystic retreats


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