The Kadesh

mysteries revealed by the Kadesh
concealed appropriately by a singular quest
a territorial unrest in Revolutionary detest
repressed by fickle motions of intrinsic neglect
calling forth the Highest Order in initiatory respects
a sinister imposition our Lightwork reflects

a Goddess captive to the propositions the courtroom suggests
and we see in all our flighty repetition
rejected morale of a fatal condition
to whom we’ve battered, beaten and bruised
for lack of Divine structure toward the pious abuse
we refuse to let such insanities tear apart our crystal cities
leaving the weak lying dead on the streets
pouring damaged hearts upon open Cathedral seats

devising new chapters the Priesthood recreates
doorways opened to the Sinners and Saints
the Drifters soar in looking for a Change
left to their demise they’re picked off
all too strange how they cease to be
with a graceful manifested effortless ease
lying beneath the gaps of shadeless trees
and they call us FREE
(repeat after me)


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