Never Been Free

fruitless misery

free the free souls; let them be

gasping for air in whirlpools streaking clouded streams

it eats at me and withholds the deep

ever-glowing, all-knowing well of eternity

we once appeased but now intricately release

through our dismay within a multitude of strays

left writhing in desert lands, Mojave sands

with blistered feet and stiffened hands

kept hidden from the Ancients trance

where novelty negates a fatal truth

in all the Beauty our hearts misuse

we know no rhythm but our repetitious moves

through cynicism and cyclical approach

we retrieve the finer lessons of Galactic reproach 

and still we arrive no further from

a peace upon our diminished Earth

in which our eager souls will run

into the Void, the depths Unknown

the truest place the Nomads call Home

amongst the glow of an avid renewal

relearning steps to encrypted approval

far beyond and further in between

we say the words we never mean

holding hostage free thoughts

no souls dare to speak


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