The Dream Orchard

roaming blindly through the masses
whispering wildly to part the veil
calling forth pathways the channels entail
to reunite a lavish light the ghosts will hail
in revolution through rebirth we strengthen our hearts
within solemn stares of transcendental charts
changing frequencies revived until we fall apart
we’re growing closer to new life; an ailing gray
scouring intrinsic strife as we have found
the phantoms masks for which we turn
to thrilling wrath, a bitter lapse
of judgment from our
tormented past in a
tormented world
through twisted

the strangers recoil, twisted hands in turmoil
we’re falling from angelic realms where
Countenance omits the drones and pulls
the hidden from their fragile homes
Mindful transience the Universal laws
persist in effervescent omnipresence
will the Zion in our minds permit
a free fall of better judgment or
take captive from free lands
the Roman Goddess amidst
tattered strands of homeless

retribution of the crazed
and willfully enraged we take the stage
to ensure the truth is exerted from
the Light in you shining forth
from me in a fleeting, listless rhyme
as we unwind, regress and remove
the chains that bind the Infinite to you
words of their misuse,
Galactic Abuse.


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