Let me carry you through the end of time
as it all unfolds in each sinking, solemn life
taking you through fields of flowers blossoming
upon tides of the Cosmos swift eyes undermine
recreate and intertwine, envelop to unwind
through watch-less crimes, the Sphinx reminds
the Pure of heart to gravitate from energies bared
by our frequencies snared, reduced and impaired
however wild, wired or weird we interfere
with the drones, the rabbi and sage whom
lend us from our monotonous ways
releasing brethren once caught in
a repetitious trace though bitterness
Erased, re framed, and replaced
we’re transient time travelers
with Divine light encased
by every fruitful memory
with our gaze fixed skyward
we hold the Truth of all we’ll
ever Be; knowing beyond doubt
we are forever free drifting through
the galaxies of Timeless “Time” surrounding
the new found Love, we retreat from


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