Moments flashing in between
the lines you never cared to read
when picking from the ancients tree
of knowledge in realms of Uncertainty
where we gather and give back to life
our slavery set within eager confines
Priestess speaking to all the bloodlines
now is it yet time, to burn and to rise
above the ash in remnants of a fatal past
while time went slipping through our grasp
and love washed over hollow bones;
driving sinners from their homes
in tattered out lands we’ve overthrown
within atmospheres we’e never known
in the dust of our retreat new streets line souls
through moments strung-out in our useless feats
wild, wired we roam free chasing aloft our wildest dreams
losing all our flightless wings, unmanageable things
in the Mecca of the Ancients tree where
knowledge meets Uncertainty
finally the Kadesh is free
the Underground prisons
she barely speaks; now
hardly sees this
moment is her


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