The Right Perspective

We need to be strong for the time of persecution and we will be invincible if we have the right perspective. We are so influenced by the senses, being what we see in our direct experience. We must turn our hearts and eyes to the visions of harmony, of our family conquering hatred and violence; let alone despair. Victorious might emanates, comfort is poured into our fearful hearts. One glance at the Savior and we are transformed, within and so without. Infinite Love is revealed to us in His suffering. Let us contemplate His sufferings to meet Him even closer.

Unto you alone, my Savior
I would look when I must suffer
and behold your countenance
gazing on your noble features
my heart drinks its fill, Lord
and all horrors fade away

To behold you, Lord, derided,
crowned with thorns and so tormented
gives me strength to suffer too
whom in Love you look upon me
darkness and despair flee from me
and your comfort fills my soul


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