Clown Soul: The Mysteries Provoked Unwillingly

Re-memorize; the fear that bares its teeth in lies
the Prophet redeemed by initiatory reprise
whom factioned fate among the ‘factory reset’
lowered eyes suspiciously inspect
conspicuously neglect and adversely
reflect the light in you residing in me
All together, eternally
and as I was a remnant of
such higher planes as we’ve soared above
I’ve fallen victim to an atrocity
where broken wings meet uncertainty
as we are reforming the grid crystalline frequencies
unbound by sensory deception reprogramming the Collective
I meet Truth in golden rays locked deep within your eyes
you’re on your own, Priestess;
the Beauty I have seen in every soul
is aching to be recaptured by and to remind us
the Truth radiates it never fades or fails to replay
though I see the mistakes I’ve made
death, rebirth are remnants of transitions
re framed by Countenance appearing renewed
concealed by the mysteries receiving grave news


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