Realms of Evolution: The Revolution


  • Meditation, prayer, grounding
  • Guide, holistic healing, teaching
  • Inner and outer worldly awareness
  • Access spiritual blueprint (DNA)
  • Stimulating others (Healing)
  • Releasing attachment/desire/ego
  • Shamanic healing of the heart “go through it not around it”
  • Keep your promises and be humble, honorable and tolerant
  • Remain Independent, Open, Loving
  • The fine balance, “the Controlled Spirit”
  • Meditate on the Heart (Rose Quartz) “Let not your heart be troubled nor let it become afraid”
  • HEAR: soul shall follow through
  • LISTEN: to Nature; open the heart
  • BE the Seer and see through the Illusion
    • ‘look without seeing and you will See All without Seeking’
  • Master the cyclical, temporal senses
  • Lose yourself in the Magick, God’s peace and power lie WITHIN


  • Selfless service to our Family (Source)
  • Focus on needs/healing of others
  • “Frequencies surpass physical illusion to express spiritual gifts”
  • Mental/intuitive distance healing from trauma
    • viewing weakness in the aura, chakras, patterns
    • implementing healing techniques/language
  • Selflessness: opening heart chakra to see all forms as formless expressions of the Divine
  • Soul retrieval “patience”, psychic blocking
    • channeling higher energies into 3rd and Crown for third/fourth party remote healing
  • Removal of the ‘I’ or the self that calls on (ego)
  • Work solely for the Will of God (SERVICE)
  • Acceptance of infinite potential beyond past failiures >recreating the Vision for all
  • BE conscious of your gifts to alter, change and manifest heightened forms of reality
  • “What you do affects many” You are the Creator, the Creation is yours
    • how fragile they may pass as channels
  • I AM… infinite, eternal, free. I AM You.
  • * “She has a history of psychosis and delusional thinking that she can speak through Telepathy, and that she is a Psychic Healer”

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