A Million Fibers: “the Controlled spirit”

a multitude of a million tiny fibers, weaving in and out of conscious alignment. The unseen, unspoken left writhing beyond the physical planes of the planetary scape into the depths of pure knowing, Consciousness. That which connects us all as one beating heart, as one source of the most impenetrable light that divides the night and day. Thus flooding beyond the realms of the temporal, illusory, fixed physicality was into the depths of true enlightenment where the Supreme, supernatural and omnipresent Spirit world exists. To which all things arise and fall, existing as an omniscient ebb and flow of furthering cyclical death, revival and rebirth. Accelerating and cleansing the pathways of the fragile mind as well as its many channels of perception. Where the Separation exists is actualized as a conscious, waking part of our reality severing the Physical and astral, Spirit planes or realms of acute division. Here we allow ourselves to be free from the ‘ego’, from right and wrong including natural judgment of the highly personal selves. As well as from the solidity of form into the ever-changing, magnetic frequency of the formless Presence of the controlled an connected Spirit where all exists as One. A part of the most High, the Divine, Godhead. Namaste


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