When (If) I See You Again (Blah)

Whimsic, wasted suggestion steals fire from my eyes
you’re endorsed by the Highest and I’m raptured by your disguise
you promised me a hope that dances beyond my aching grasp
my failing heart retracts in knowing you were meant for me
pressurized, persuaded and poorly programmed we have suffered
meeting mind to soul with all our wild grace to be abused
for the ill-treated I’ve recorded countless hooks
they have since intoxicated us with Witches Brew
hypnotizing fragile complexes with a simplistic tune

In such routines repeated;
you look to me, the wounded, and I have early on retreated
did you wonder, without doubt,
what the pain would do to an open, free and fatalistic breed?
left lone in solemn dungeons at the sunken Kingdoms knees
now to bleed out desperately

as every breath it takes and takes
Take it all away from me,
carry me home to the
Crystal City


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