To Be Loved

A deep knowing in your eyes, lover
I’ve met your life form in countless lifetimes
you were my Protector; I was your lifeline

our journey bore battle scars and brave new worlds
hearts ripped wide open whipped into remission
vessels changed as we watched the pooling waves

I watched you sing and stand at shore
catching all your tears as you begged
for so much more, and Angel
I was always there

I remember your far frontier home
the Galactic abyss your soul swam upon
graciously, my dear, the gods above shone
so Divinely you are made for me
how simple to be loved left you lovingly
free to share in all the depths of me

every line I saved for you in all
our eager crimes designed for two
lifting your shroud, Goddess
I never had to ask who;
the Love beating in
my heart lies forever
within you.


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