Dast Ve Danya

beauty resides in the suppression
released unnamely in transitory restraints
defilement gravely persecuted in perverse perfection
angst fled a fallen way to totalitarian inception

Chosen first; simple garb with Rebel war paints
through open, rising minds in skowered linear time
a multitude of fears awoke
though ill intent she never spoke

carrying forth the Divine message
Black magick to the Sages
known to us so adept
from portals of holographic Abyss

coming to us enslaved by change
a meta princess in melancholy chains
she witnesses the wrath, serpents jaws near to retract
between scribed lines and active land mines

the Gypsy Pharroah painfully lies
a deadening glare initiates the beasts rehearsal
fire is cast deep within her Dark Eyed dance

Upon each welcomed written scroll
however altered the Sorceress controls positioned wit
Until we meet again with such repressive amulets
to free us from this Age


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