Sleeping: all things new (?)

tumultuous beats birth luminous rays
in light eyes hypnotizing fragile minds
welded, entwined, enlightened by
a crimson rendition, a limbo of repetition
beneath the seated figures of Saints
sanded, plastered, plastic souls

to no avail and forever without end
the demonic pursuit repays those who pretend
as the rest are cast away; too emptied inside
scoured shells the Beast renounces and renowns
making all things new unto the sleepers

now awake to the terror of closed doors
heartache flooding every sullen room
the Mystics revealed to a Tragedy
we knew and took everything for granted
Unawakened truth

mistaken and badly misused by another slave of the night
a considerable insight; an unholy rapture to volatile signs
we are Sleepers, dream realm snared
caught in chains without reaction
of time that cycles out, persists
soul is stuck in the Abyss


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