New Reign

the voyage is untamed
each flow eats at your brain
the Stars reflect your names and
curbside I’m stealing your gaze
in a Mysticism of ways

I caught the revival of the New Age
in so many ways we’ve healed the Sage
we remain empowered to evade, employ
and forever pay the final truths
we’ve stayed desolate to in retrograde

we are the same you and I,
never sane we never lied but
we inhaled the bug and never died
caught love inside our lies we realized
we are no better than our foolish ways
our hindered grasps through latter rage

we aren’t the same, you’re far too Sane
but I am with you, stolen gaze
and we are meant for wild grace
in capacities of night
we consume by candlelight
a deeper flight in unspoken rhythms
of our sinister crimes;
we are the Light

confiscating the night taking back
what’s rightfully ours as claimed to Be
the Jester has froze and the Two of Cups barely reads
so intrinsically prepared; solidified though impaired
we escape, however weird and intake
dissecting fear and we’ll run in wild grace
to the next impenetrable place

where the gods forever stain each glass
calling your name to Love
from full disdain as each
thought eats at your brain

You still call out my name
But baby I’m already moved on
pouring hearts churned with infection
we suffer madly to the reflections

Of you and I, a Holy scribe
placed between our battle marks
closely pooled in swollen remarks
We are the Presence fully living
though our spirits unforgiving
draw us further to reliving
the Void unknown,
we’ve called our Home


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