Leave It Alone; Relapse

rusing the weak we’re losing sleep
rustic visions awakening a volatile retreat
unconscious acts leading lesser failing gasps
unfailing grasps to intake ruthless masks
we see a facade in our truth less relapse

the recluse sets her traps
confiscating foreign maps
taking us through a forlorn culture
openly refusing a stolen glance
we’re hardly using in ill respects
we’re badly bruising hearts open to the streets
vicious cycles reminiscing the past that we repeat

in the slums of our defeat
restless acts to slow the feat
remove the greed and move the peace
in a sensual flow we used to meet
souls bitter in sun blistered futures we seek

lining curbs still strung out on broken courage
keeping us awake however used in our mistakes
we pour the blood on battle wounds
emanation looms on imitation of our blues
the great misperceptions we’ve consumed
forever abused


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