The Velvet Paintings

an effervescent silver sea illuminating all
we failed to retrieve through repressed Psyche released
into the ailing winds of seismic introspective defeat

betrayal of ancestral lands
begotten by the high priests hands
tied in knots at high tides wake
the gods have made a devilish mistake

her tremors dance to ill retreat
where relativity negates the fake
and flightless inner altitude
of soaring hearts badly bruised
bitter words recoiled me
spoken through gnashing of teeth

that hatred fled and left my bones;
a sunken ship becomes my Home
where all our plans were overthrown
a shattered destitute of sinking graves
in sunken eyes blackened by false hopes of far greater intent
her reasons to get rowing surpassed by frail grips

I slowly slip away, back to the Void, it yearns for me
for peace exists without this troubling deceit of promises in where you’ll be
and when to rise above the ash and broken remnants of the cities
lost souls of the past

perhaps you should truly know the soul within
before you shed the last of me;

and later ask for some recourse
to realign us as we near the fucking rocky shores
of course the ghost within complies
she always clings to compromise


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