Beyond language, lineage and linear form
we are cyclically snared by the fears we’ve adorned
writhing underneath my skin bare bones wither to be wild
gypsy soul how they hope to tame and rip magick from your wings

tearful heart to tumultuous ploy
they viciously tear through our open minds
rewinding the psyche to replay beats of a bitter past time
realigning our faults and fatal urge to unify
the serpents jaws lie rest upon you
remote desolation in swollen lipped words of the forgotten
hold such innate truth a rage disloyal to oneself,
“Sweetheart why did you lie?”
as we journey through the highest peak
the sorceress so faint and meek

can sparingly meet though the countenance you met her with
has stolen light amidst her gaze and left her in a lowly retreat
a bitterness spreading she now barely will speak
as if frozen in time renouncing the crime

a leader she is with High Priest bloodlines
dividing the wake of the crystalline ships
while the stars aloft persist in crimson respects
how your light eyes neglect, negate yet persuade
I’ve come to you in countless ways; releasing your fate

implanting rainbow dimensions within etchings
of white-gold love scattered across the Sea
life as it surpasses, fragile as it may be
always seems to leave you with me;



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