You are the Door: I Simply Open It

Energies of the Divine of past, present, future time
all within seen effortlessly without eyes
soul unbound our rhythmic sacred functions found
intentions ablaze toward a softened inner gaze
a pathway known to the Magii and Sage

walking in the Ancients way unscathed by
mortal fear of loss; reduction of the highest cost
for maddening incessant wit worn down by rungs
of strung-out love gripping the unholy cusp
where virgins wept the lustful neglect
the Sun and Moons tumultuous swoon
of beauty shed upon bloodless respects

a Supreme order in sightless stories
memories passed down beneath the Serpents jaws
we’ve come too far to surpass such laws
in tribulation of our trials we have swam
the mystic sea calling forth remnants
of practices the dire Priesthood seeks

in eyes burnt wide awake fearing yet
another angels burden to the fallen Devils wake
and so we take the love we are so given
journey into truth, you are forgiven


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