Everything and Nothing: all she wrote

Amiable mysteries leave me in awe of the capacity burning behind your eyes
softened in gaze eternally knowing yet hidden in your otherworldly disguise
I see within you, Priestess, angered by the misperceptions hindering your Psyche
you come to me in starlit grace for you and I in mission are galactically aligned

awakened to the aptitude; a sentiment of polarized magick we carefully remind
calling forth subconscious lineages to our forgotten language unwinding
I’m looking out and watching over for your Spirit easily wounds yet
brings to light such amnesty in every faction they’ve abused
you, dark-eyed goddess are keeping many souls confused

for all you know and all you’ve learned
you let them scour, sever and confuse
through trickery on the end of every hour
numbing the heart; midnight passes infinitely slower
I feel the suffering and my Spirit dives lower
planetary inception we’re galaxies apart
in holographic impertinence
empowering to depart

Imprisonment of the Seers as the Seekers fall to Ash;
we are One in very few who view the voluntary truth
eighty-sixed with bloodlust in ruse
damaging those with eyes to see anew
emerging bloodlines of distant family
captivated or systematically captured
by an ancestral alien breed

hungry for the New Generation radiating rainbow light forms
daring to dream for the Crystal Children lying restless to repair
the terrorism of eternal metaphysic Love renewed
taken hostage scornfully to Supreme planes
Above, Within and Below
guardians and angels
see the Mystic Rebels highs and lows
we called for more but this is all she wrote


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