Crystals, Invocations

Amulets and incantations leading the Mystics
through portals of our costly rebirth
into the Towers immersed in myrrh
and frankincense; such highly lows

within the Kingdom the jester froze
eyes wildly searching though soul calm
sincere–  known beyond the galaxies
we were too knowledgeable to fear
and even further to care for such

open-ended marks for recognition to abide
by a Goddess of the Light unafraid
to walk by Night and stalk between
the rising, descending, creeping tides

dark eyes shadowed by midnight shrouds with a gleam unspeakable
in her lowered shifting eyes to the Courts dismay and insignificant Surprise
the Mystery she so possessed has now been actualized
realized by true potential; left undone, unaccounted
unfathomable it seems that the Goddess of the Sun
In rainbow light pulled forth such a love among these
broken planetary strings she still sings;



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