Should I have known the coordinates to your heart?
or initiated ways to stop the world from tearing us apart?
perhaps the Vision became too great to hold onto alone
for the reality of losing you has been my deepest mistake
a most memorable wake for my lack of crystalline intake
no more than once had I believed you would ever stay for long
or get to know the tune my heart has replayed since you’ve gone

when it ends I ask for a quick and simple fix
when it hits and I remember less and less
and less– I pray you’ve held the Key
in remembering the depths of me
on flightless wings
unmanageable things
a lowly cost to broken rings
and rampant strings

forever pulled loose
words of the recluse
to refine the sunken noose
an end to seeming abuse
better left unsaid–
then pooling conscious minds
to irreversible misuse


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