Coming from the Street: Zion in my Mind

Outside looking in or inside looking out
moments in between captured silence full of doubt
remaining full to expectation of a higher order respective
enjoyable repraisal in tapping further into the collective
moving beyond the haze to break the spell
of a mundane, trapped subconscious
who is to blame for this atrocity?
tearing apart our crystal cities

ill regard in frightened times
repetition beats toward sinister crimes
of loveless reconnection lost in affable subjection
driving Mindless drones intrinsically Insane to self destruct
bitter bad luck, robotic and robust
from Spirit core to Earths central crust
we’re on the cusp of hope and hopelessness

shall we free the Lake of Fire from our minds
and cast imaginary evils aside bringing the brotherhood to life
or allow slavery in strife, these creatures walk from Sand to Sea
yet without direction not a thought form enters thee
but we are FREE, somehow, in this tyrannical way
a lowly recognition to unusual strays

where Nomadic loss of Nerve gains
true sympathy to sightless, broken courage
an endless reaping proposition to our overflowing mortgage
while we slept together with such ill minded constraint;
bitter regret to a once better state;

Take me to the Zion in my Mind


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