CHA(I)N(S)GE: the last juror

for the Healer left barred and betrayed
you’re free as a bird and I’m locked in a cage
grossly psychotic or more less sickly enraged
body and spirit repressed to repulsion
mind formerly subdued now entirely controlled
dancing blindly in the chaos hypnotizing my soul

there you are, love, where I left you
where you’ve left me twice again
relearning the ropes to a far bitter end
wandering desert Sky where new hope begins
and to what extent jaded our fearless intent

have a look at all they took from me to scar me in such chains
visions severed by sly reactions to deceptive remains
my heart is sinking in the misery of our depleting land
by the justice that I seek its blood is on my hands
“more than anything in the world” I told you again
and I see the Universe in your eyes
but you still won’t take my hand


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