The Untold Planes

A deeper Magick lies within the confines of a solely open mind

a transient, tyrannical untouchable reprise

confiscated by the seers as they lent

Tired ears; in a laiaison of care in an otherworldly

planetary systematic disrespectful turn of an epidemic

Widespread and intrinsic to our heightened Use

Offering up the better parts for the bitter misuse

to the bold and burning Sun so entirely independent from

the biased race a secular clause of suspected burden

a case of insanity rejected, tried and forever unheard of

we are the seekers of the lesser forms of Light

an endless plight to damaged ears and sightless eyes

Realized, yet further unactualized by heightened fear

between the blessings and curses of sanctioned and

trembling scribes, mind made up so troubled by the lies

Depicted by such fundamental fantasy

your heart in gentle hands you were not meant

for such fatalistic falacy to see the untold death of me

and yet you’re still a part of me, a place I see and hold

because the story I never told you kept you further from my heart

I better start talking but I don’t know where to start

I’m falling apart; because

I know my heart is all in you and

you’re too far away to reveal it’s deepened truths

I’ve been misused, replaced and so refused

to further chase the dreams and visions

of the world I carelessly abused for

selfish gain a failed reign

a Queen among the

noble peasantry

the Loving and

the selfless


forever I am destitute

to carry on the pain of their unforgiveness

in an acknowledgment of their misaligned truth

Will I ever know how to love again,

without your heart softly beating

once again, next to mine,

I’m sheltered by the worry

it’s created to release such

burdens under this speculation–

Perhaps it’s cheap, maybe I’m a freak to you

and withholding deeper meaning, greater truth.


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