“She’s Typing What You’re Saying, Prick”

I’ve got a daughter named Autumn

when I look in her eyes, I see mine

we feel the same we feel intuitive to each other

she’s always looking for more always searching for more

always running always searching for the next best things

it’s always the next best thing

that’s not how it works

it’s here–

with your friends, your family

I’ve done it, I’ve tried it

It doesn’t work

When you run and hide,

you feel better about yourself

because no ones there to point fingers

at how shitty you may have lived your short life

when you stay, you have to face the Music

I thought I might be some famous person in NY

but now I’m here in Muncie facing the impenetrable lie

So it’s easy to get on craigslist and hunt for strangers

ride in a car introspective in danger,

because if you’re murdered

or Killed it’s your way out

well, that’s my way out

Motherfuck it,



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