“Yeah, Go”

Roaming realms unwinding in the endless mystery I felt with you,

such emptied truths that kept us captive in sustained recluse

How lost our hearts were in it for ourselves

we waited eagerly to reclaim all the

rightful change we bared too

wild to speak out



we aimed to share the message

we sought out violated by doubts

of our own mecanised design

rhythmic repetition to our solar sun-kissed minds

flowing through the faceless grips of

our intrinsic utter loneliness

we are the love

we so possess

but we are fearing emptiness

for what purpose but our own

do we take the journey home

and bring our hearts to better use

perhaps less recklessly infused

Lying to my favorite muse

pounding heart in

stolen sound

Intolerable ground

intellectually pronounced

We’ve just announced

a greater way

to pull forth love

among decay

an end to all the fake remakes

carrying on to carry us back home

and still you’re somehow fucking mad

Madness in atrocity,

your broken heart still clearly beats

but not for me or us or anything

just for all otherworldly things

you failed to let us know

or cared less to show

us of the vision

the Visionary

now remote

never let






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