I hear you, restless love

I lie breathless in between the cusp

left writhing in enchanted ruts of empathy

We dare not speak of all we’ve seen under the Sun

and all we’ve known; we’re getting low

on energy with our lives less free

Relentlessly, your eyes they perceive

the darkest stare, a sinful snare of light magick

left to feats we are now tenderly unaware

without a care of how the end could be so

frivolously near etched in blackened rewritten fear

the winter has us caged within, heartbeat

Heavy, lacking minutes in our timelessness

we are the love we so regret to share or bind

intertwined with webbings of unwanted memory

the Visionary without a waking Destiny

A mess to me, the misery, it brings me down

to know you watch my failures reminiscent to the trivial

confounds of prior abuse, pious use of minimal truth

we are let down by our forgotten selves

the empty shelves and shattered realms

passed down upon our tired vessels

Expired, senseless, incandescent

You are all I see, in mirrors that surround me

the reel replays it shifts and incinerates

the beauty we used to announce

left rippling in our closed mouths

“we killed the Healer” —

and watched her squirm

fed her to a motionless world

on such fictional terms

captured in our useless words

In tattered cloths and ruptured hopes

sickened mind, confined by new approach

of the judgments we must now face alone

cold blooded killing all the devotion we replaced

by lack of emotion in this unconquerable place

We are the lost and listless kind, a brand new

species too deprived of our own nature

my soul is flailing desperately

In the midst of your Absence

and I never tried,

I didn’t lie but couldn’t speak

the end is near and still

I’m the only one here

left in patterns of

indignant clarity

so clear to see

my eyes opened




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