So, why did you come home?

we’ve got you trapped

accusations of the Spy

and I refuse to lose or weep

or be so fucking cheap as to further

unfulfill or cheat myself in frail misery

from winning back my infringed skill

beyond your wit and battered will

the high priestess in pious stillness

of her unknown willingness to urge

the others on to release of all the

tragedies they seek and all have watched me

eyes merged upon every wall, gaping

through my opened skull and pulling out

such chilling showers I’ve been lost inside my head

for what it seems to be minutes and miniscule minimal hours

You watched eyes opened as I burned down the Tower

in my Dream and waking, living, beaconing reality

it’s clearly my created destiny to all of our faulted decrees

I made a promise I’ve yet to keep but still I know

I’m here to further guard, protect and instill

however long our earth stands still

the connection of us all rebuilt

restructured by ancestral thrills

I have the answers you instilled

through mastery of withered will

to leave or leap or let myself go

reality it seems becomes terribly slow

without definition to it’s indescribable

earthly pulls of menacing reducing

strokes of life and streaks of enlightened works

I am too safe to recreate this earth;

and ask for the production of

a Simplistic realm

I once knew of

and shared

with You

better yet, all the synthetic

poly-plasmic, plastic and synergetic stagnant

repetition in the Insanity I’ve come to love

your harshness in respect seems only to

be as fitting as the mystery

I kept unrevealing

mind’s made up

I’m hardly stealing

seconds from the

Prisoners here

reduced by all

my faulty fears

what good is it

to write or sing or create a tune

without your heart

I’m bailing out

too Soon


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